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Tara & Brody

AKC Pedigree:



Tara & Brody our senior custodians and pack leaders of protectors. They take care of the entire farm and look after the day to day needs 24 - 7. Any threat to the well-being of our farm and livestock is the number one priority. They even have time to pose for pictures and befriend the owners.

They patrol their farm and let us know if an animal is in need or when coyotes or other dangers are in the area!

Oh yes, these guys make wonderful pets if you have the room for them!

Anatolian Shepherd is six thousand year-old breed from what is now Turkey. The dogs are a large breed, known to be one of the most reliable ancient Livestock protectors, or what is referred to as Guardian Dog. The San Diego Zoo has 2 that are companion to the Cheetahs in Safari Pak at North County.

If you’re looking for a way to protect your animals from all kinds of predators then you found it. The perfect Farm/Ranch dog that lives with the animals they protect and love’s their owner.


This tall, rugged and powerful dog is easy to care for in summer or winter. They can weigh 120 to 180 pounds. The female is generally smaller side and males on the larger side.


All our Dogs comes with a Health Guarantee

Call us for an appointment to meet what could be your new guardian puppy…

R.J. Farms 760-749- 3877 Ask for RJ or Janet. Hope to seeya soon!                        

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