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Anatolian Puppies         

Born 4/17/2019      
9 Pups behind wire.jpg
Anatolian Puppy -Tilted Head White.jpg
These cute cuddly balls of fur grow up to be your herd or flock's best friend! They will protect your animals (and family) from predators - coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, snakes, and other people! No one and nothing will get close while they are around! These pups are being raised with our goats.  
There is definitely something unique and special about Anatolian Shepherd families. We were able to place our available pups in wonderful homes, and have made some new friends along the way!
Keep checking back to see how they are growing!
Pup 8.jpg
Anatolian Puppy -Fon on belley.jpg
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