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It's Honey, Honey

We completed our second honey harvest!

After everything going well the first time I was more confident, and everything went even better!

I mounted a "bee escape" on an inner cover, put an empty honey super between the one I wanted to harvest and the hive, put the inner escape cover between the empty and full super and waited. The next day I brushed the few remaining bees from the frames, loaded them on my tractor (these things are HEAVY!) and moved to the processing station.

My parents (and I) were amazed at how easily the extractor worked!

We extracted 2.5 gallons of honey!

If you are interested in purchasing honey, send me a note here.

1/2 PT - $5.00 
Pint - $10.00 
Quart - $20.00

Click here for list of tools used 

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